If you are being a Corporate Proxy or you have a Developer machine running offline, you can't use the Intellisense feature of Visual Studio Code / CSharp. For these features you need to install the Omnisharp server inside the VSCode Csharp plugin. Moreover you would like the Debugging functionality to be also enabled. For that you need Core-Clr Debugging Release .

Here are brief steps to do it.

Install OmniSharp

  1. Download OmniSharp release on your own via Browser , you can do so using your 'favorite' browser from path below depending on your Windows' architecture.

https://omnisharpdownload.blob.core.windows.net/ext/omnisharp-win-x86-1.30.1.zip https://omnisharpdownload.blob.core.windows.net/ext/omnisharp-win-x64-1.30.1.zip

  1. Do note that the VSCode-CSharp Plugin is required for Omnisharp to function. So install the plugin first.
  2. Extract the Correct Architecture type zip into the plugin folder. Omnisharp goes straight into the VSCode-CSharp folder.
    Full Path of the `OmniSharp.exe` would be like C:\\Users\\yourusername\\.vscode\\extensions\\ms-vscode.csharp-1.15.2\\.omnisharp\\1.30.1\\OmniSharp.exe to allow VSCode to pick it up and launch it. So you know the Plugin allows multiple Omnisharp versions to be installed .

Install Core CLR Debugger

  1. Download the Core CLR Debugger for 64 BIT herehttps://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/12267706/d27a74d91a12c0e78222081afdf8e0bb/coreclr-debug-win7-x64.zip
  2. Extract the Zip in the VSCode-CSharp plugin Folder so that Vsdbg.exe is reachable using this path. C:\\Users\\yourusername\\.vscode\\extensions\\ms-vscode.csharp-1.15.2\\.debugger\\vsdbg.exe
  3. Force VS Code to believe that Dependencies have been already installed. create a new blank folder install.lock is placed in folder below C:\\Users\\yourusername\\.vscode\\extensions\\ms-vscode.csharp-1.15.2

Once you have installed both the Dependencies, please restart VS Code . Intellisense should work seamlessly, if needed invoke command inside VSCode "OmniSharp: Restart OmniSharp".

As always, feel free to shoot any comments .